Chickweed is an annual that grows low and blankets the ground. It prefers well-shaded areas that remain moist and cool. The stems of a Chickweed plant are slender and weak, its leaves are pale green in color and its flowers are small and white. Chickweed was popular back in the middle ages as a salad green, and is also medically useful for curing rashes, ulcers and inflammations.

If you have ever tried to pull Chickweed out of the ground, you know how difficult it can be. It has a very fragile root system that stays in the ground when you pull at it, and grows back in a short period of time. Chemical control with a broadleaf herbicide will generally eliminate the problem in one to two applications. Proper cultural practices will ensure future control without the use of chemicals. A lawn that is fertilized on a regular basis, watered weekly and cut at a mowing height of 2 ½ to 3 inches will create a lawn that is thick and vigorous, thus preventing the germination of Chickweed and other weeds.

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