Trees and shrubs absorb nutrients and water from the soil for growth. Limited growth or even death can occur if these nutrients are not present. A tree or shrub not growing to its potential is more prone to conditions that can weaken it such as weather, pests, shock from planting, and poor soil conditions. Trees and shrubs that become weakened may need unexpected maintenance and ultimately may need to be replaced.

A good fertilization program is beneficial for all landscapes, but even more so for a newly developed one. More often than not, construction of the lot will alter the soil profile. The original growing layer is often buried or mixed deeply with poor layers of soil and can no longer be used as a good growing environment. Trees and shrubs transplanted into such an environment do poorly unless a good fertilization program is initiated. Trees of a larger size can also benefit from a good fertilization program. Many nutrients the tree would normally utilize are lost because of the removal of the leaves in the fall, therefore they need to be replaced. If these nutrients are not replaced, the tree will slowly weaken and also become more likely to be affected by adverse conditions such as stress from weather conditions, pest attacks, etc.

Trees and shrubs placed in an urban environment do not live as long as trees in their natural habitat. For many trees, the average life span is about 40 years, but by using a regular fertilization program you can expect a more vigorous plant with a longer life span. Often an older tree will outgrow its space. The root system becomes restricted due to urban conditions such as sidewalks, curbs, etc. Growth of the tree is affected as these obstacles soon block the availability of the nutrients needed for new growth each season. If the tree is in competition with turf, it is very hard for water and nutrients to reach the deep roots of the tree. By fertilizing the tree directly it immediately benefits from the application. Initiating a regular fertilization program can provide new trees with a better chance for survival. It will also improve plant vigor, which in turn will enable your trees and shrubs to be more resistant to drought, disease and insect attacks.

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