Many times during the growing season a homeowner will notice mushrooms growing in his/her lawn. Many times these mushrooms are the fruiting bodies of a fairy ring, but this is not always the case. Wet weather in combination with warm temperatures can cause mushroom development in almost any turf area. The fungi that cause these mushrooms occur naturally and are present in most urban landscapes.

The mushrooms come in a diverse number of shapes, colors, and sizes. Mushrooms do not cause any damage to a lawn other than looking unsightly. Because of this fact lawn care companies that practice Integrated Pest Management such as Ace of Blades will not apply any type of chemical control to your lawn. Mowing or raking the mushrooms are two ways a homeowner can improve the appearance of his/her lawn if mushrooms appear. Generally speaking, the mushrooms will shrivel and dry up once the weather turns dry again. Wet conditions are most favorable for mushroom growth, so by improving drainage and/or airflow on your lawn will greatly improve your chances of preventing mushroom development.

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